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Yemen displayed Toophan USV

Yemeni engineers produce a USV capable of detonating 150 kg worth of explosives into naval targets.
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Publish Date: 22June 2024 - 09:05

TEHRAN (defapress) - According to an Arabic media report, the Yemeni Armed Forces released footage of the Toophan-1, Flood-1, Unmanned Surface Vehicle during its testing period, revealing the specifications of the suicide drones that blew two holes into the MV Tutor's hull and engine room.

Yemen displayed Toophan USV

Toophan comes in three iterations which ascendingly hold larger payloads and stronger engines. 

The YAF's Navy utilized Toophan-1 USVs in an attack on the MV Tutor in the Red Sea on June 12, after the company that owns the ship violated the YAF's embargo on the Israeli occupation. After being dealt substantial damage by the USVs, which attacked the engine room and the center part of the Tutor's hull, the ship reportedly sank off the coast of Eritrea on June 18. 

Specifications of Yemen's Toophan-1

The Toophan line of USV is a simple design derived from a single-seater speed boat, featuring an aftermarket engine. Sticking to the cheap designs and readily available materials, the Yemeni Armed Forces' engineers produced a lethal weapon capable of sinking large merchant and military vessels. 

Its third iteration holds up to 500 kg of explosives and can travel at a maximum speed of 52 nautical miles per hour, or around 100 km/hr. 

The shorter-range Toophan-1 holds up to 150 kg of explosives and travels at a maximum speed of 35 nautical miles per hour, or around 65 km/hr. The USV is controlled by and steered by an operator toward its target and could also be pre-programmed to travel to its target and detonate in proximity if needed. 

The USV can attack both static and moving naval objects and infrastructure, as its explosive payload can cause substantial damage to the largest of vessels. 

All three iterations of the Yemeni Toophan were paraded in a remarkable military event conducted by the Yemeni Armed Forces in September 2023, which saw the unveiling of multiple weapons and systems. 

Below, the Yemeni Armed Forces showcase video about Tophan USV is available: 

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