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Settlers demand "crime minister" resignation

Large protests have occurred in Tel Aviv every week over Netanyahu's mismanagement of the nearly nine-month-old war in Gaza.
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Publish Date: 23June 2024 - 09:20

TEHRAN (defapress) - Tens of thousands while chanting slogans against Benjamin Netanyahu's government rallied in Tel Aviv Saturday, demanding new elections and the return of hostages held in Gaza.

Settlers demand

The families of Israeli prisoners once again criticized Netanyahu and his obstruction of the prisoner exchange agreement with the Palestinian resistance movement.

Many protesters held signs reading "Crime Minister" and "Stop the War" as people poured into the biggest Israeli city's main thoroughfare.

Protestors emphasized by publishing a statement: "Netanyahu wants to bury all the Israeli captives, and after a while, we will all become the families of the dead hostages." While mocking Netanyahu's exaggerations about Hamas, these protestors emphasized: "When the prisoners are in the hands of Hamas, how can he announce that Hamas has been defeated?"

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In the end, the families of the Zionist prisoners said: "Netanyahu has risked the lives of our children to stay in power. The agreement in Gaza will calm the situation in the north [Occupied Palestine].


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