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Hezbollah unveiled precision missiles

The new movie of Lebanon's Hezbollah revealed the Hezbollah's precision missiles.
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Publish Date: 24June 2024 - 09:54

TEHRAN (defapress) – One of the Arabic media channels, citing some information, reported that every target shown in the recent video released by Lebanon's Hezbollah has geographic coordinates and a specific division.

Hezbollah unveiled precision missiles

This Arabic media emphasized that the Islamic resistance of Lebanon knows the geography of these goals, the division, and the degree of importance and vitality of each of them.

This report indicates that Lebanon's Hezbollah has precision missiles, which are different from other ballistic missiles. It has been mentioned for the first time.

In the continuation of this report, it is stated that there are many naval targets, the most important of which are platforms, support lines, and ships with various functions. Also, each of the marine energy fields includes many important goals.

Also, based on the information that the Arabic media received, Beirut is Hezbollah's red line and any attack on it will be met with firm resistance. A reaction that the Zionist regime cannot stand in front of it and may lead to the start of war.

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