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The Zionist regime prime minister:

The intense phase of the war is about to end

Benjamin Netanyahu was interviewed this evening (Sunday) on a program on an Israeli channel claimed that the intense phase of the war is about to end.
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Publish Date: 24June 2024 - 12:00

TEHRAN (defapress) – According to Netanyahu's speech, The Gaza war will end soon. The Israeli prime minister stated that they would bring back all dead and alive hostages.

The intense phase of the war is about to end

Netanyahu continued: "I am willing to make a partial deal that will bring back our hostages, but I am not willing to make a deal that will leave Hamas in place."  

The Zionist regime's prime minister also blamed Gantz and Eisenkot and said that they did something unacceptable; they left Israel during a war with seven fronts, which is unacceptable.

Benjamin Netanyahu stepped back from the ceasefire proposal of Biden and insisted on his illusion of fake victory.

A senior Israeli official involved in negotiations spoke about the hostage deal, saying “Netanyahu’s remarks this evening have caused enormous damage to the chances of reaching a deal.”

While the family of the Israeli hostages every week ran numerous rallies against Netanyahu's dictatorship, still he refused the accusations and believed that he was elected by their people; so there is no reason to resign.

Netanyahu's incapability and brutality revealed the true face of the Zionist regime. Although Israel was trying to build a democratic face, the 7 Oct. operation and Israel's invasion of Gaza, showed everyone that the devil is always a devil.

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