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The fear of the Zionist regime from the rejuvenation of Hamas power

After 9 months of the Gaza war, experts reported about the renewal of the forces of the Hamas group, which has undoubtedly caused fear and concern among the leaders and officials of the Zionist regime.
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Publish Date: 06July 2024 - 11:12

TEHRAN (defapress) - The field reports and the latest news about the developments of the Gaza war indicate that the Hamas group is planning to rejuvenate its power and reorganize after nine months of the Gaza war. It's an issue that shows that the Zionist regime has failed to achieve its goals and plans, which are destroying Hamas and eliminating the commanders of this Palestinian Islamic resistance group, has completely failed.

The fear of the Zionist regime from the rejuvenation of Hamas power

The document of Hamas's renewal of its forces is also the recent rocket attacks of this Palestinian Islamic resistance group on the occupied Palestinian territories. For example, the Hamas group managed to fire 20 rockets from the occupied areas in Gaza towards the positions of the Zionist regime. It's an issue that has surprised the officials and military commanders of this occupying regime.

The decisive point is that after 9 months of intense and widespread war against the Zionist regime's army and the continuous and endless attacks and bombings of Gaza and Hamas positions inside and outside Gaza, this Palestinian resistance group maintains its basic structure, and the Zionist regime could not disrupt or stop the military activities of this Palestinian resistance group.

On the other hand, the 9-month campaign of the Zionist regime in Gaza and its complete siege along with the daily bombing and shelling of its various areas have not caused serious and irreparable damage to the Hamas group, and that's why this Palestinian resistance group is currently planning to rejuvenate its forces and reorganize its military and operational structure.

Another important issue is the rocket attacks of the Hamas group from the city of Khan Yunis towards the occupied Palestinian territories. The Zionist regime and its aggressor army did not expect to become targeted from this city after the ground campaign to Rafah and the bombardment of it for several weeks.

Based on this, we saw that the Zionist regime's military and security experts announced in separate reports that the Islamic resistance group Hamas, in an unbelievable way, after 9 months of continuous war and bombing of all parts of Gaza and Rafah, still has operational capacity, especially they preserved their missile capacity.

Meanwhile, the issue that has caused fear and concern for the Zionist regime is the day and night and wide-ranging effort of Hamas to reorganize its military structure and renew its fighting forces to continue and even expand the level of resistance and fight against the Zionist regime's army in Gaza and Rafah.

In addition, the available evidence indicates that if the process of renewing and re-arming the Hamas forces continues and the process that is currently underway accelerates, soon the level of resistance and the fight of Hamas against the Zionist army will reach a serious situation. This issue means more and bigger operations, as well as wider losses and damages to military equipment and army forces of the Zionist regime.

We should note that the basic goals of the Hamas group are resistance and a long-term struggle against the occupying and illegitimate army of the Zionist regime. According to that, in recent days we have seen that the Hamas group has made extensive and significant movements and operations in "Northern Gaza" and "Jebalia".

When we pay attention to the fact that "Northern Gaza" and "Jebalia" are now under siege and the complete control of the Zionist army, this looks interesting. However, we are witnessing the movements and operations of Hamas forces in these two important areas.

In the end, it should be said that in the battlefield of Gaza and among the equations of the battle between the Hamas group and the Zionist army, it is the occupying and aggressive Zionist army that is worried about the deepening and prolongation of the war in Gaza. Because of the current process of re-strengthening Hamas, rebuilding the military structure, and re-arming the forces of this Palestinian resistance group, very difficult conditions are waiting for the Zionist regime on the Gaza battlefield.

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