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Islamic Jihad leader:
"We must do our best to strengthen Axis of Quds"
will fight to the end," he said "the battle of...
News ID: 84170   Publish Date: 2022/05/23

"Resistance fighting Zionists deep inside occupied lands"
of quds, which was a 11-day battle between palestinian resistance... battle were not limited to the geography of palestine and... to prepare for the battle to defend the al-aqsa mosque...
News ID: 84169   Publish Date: 2022/05/23

Iranian nation succeeds in defeating foreign plots
battle continues, all routes of influence are closed to the...
News ID: 84138   Publish Date: 2022/05/11

Nujaba ready to support Palestine against Zionists militarily
al-quds operation last year, which was a 11-day battle between...
News ID: 84137   Publish Date: 2022/05/11

Hamas leader hails martyr-seeking operations by Palestinians
bring the battle into the phase of the religious battle,... a great battle in the current situation, the al-aqsa mosque...
News ID: 84110   Publish Date: 2022/05/01

Palestine’s ultimate victory is imminent
war is a basic part of the battle sayyed nasrallah... stressed that the battle with the zionist enemy will lead...
News ID: 84092   Publish Date: 2022/04/27

Russia tests nuclear-capable missile in warning to enemies
help ukraine battle russian forces moscow has repeatedly warned nato...
News ID: 84083   Publish Date: 2022/04/22

New Palestine developments profoundly impact future of Israel
an electoral battle, we should actively participate in the electoral...
News ID: 84038   Publish Date: 2022/04/12

"Trusting US is foolishness"
suffered several wounds before embracing martyrdom during karbala battle seyyed...
News ID: 83921   Publish Date: 2022/03/09

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Next round of Russia-Ukraine talks to take place on Monday
a fierce gun battle ukraine's state nuclear regulatory inspectorate snriu...
News ID: 83907   Publish Date: 2022/03/06

China-Russia joint anti-terrorism drill underway
its own main battle equipment, the chinese troops organized four...
News ID: 83792   Publish Date: 2021/09/14

Palestinian nation has lots of options to pressurize Tel Aviv
quds" battle continues to support rights of palestinian people and...
News ID: 83732   Publish Date: 2021/08/26

Iran to send 2nd fuel ship to Lebanon in few days
of battles against the takfiri groups across syria it is... predecessors are running the whole battle against the resistance and...
News ID: 83718   Publish Date: 2021/08/23

Islamic Jihad member:
Palestinian war with Zionist regime not yet over
resistance movement in a speech reiterated that the 'battle of... on the battlefield, palestine al-ahad news reported according to the... in the battle of sword of quds the leaders of...
News ID: 83589   Publish Date: 2021/07/18

Leader thanks Palestinian refugees for their recent message
in the 12-day battle against israel ...
palestinian nation and the resistance in the 12-day battle in...
News ID: 83563   Publish Date: 2021/08/18

US military presence in Iraq is mere occupation
achieving the victory in the recent battle between palestinian resistance... groups and the israeli regime known as the 12-day battle... recent battle he further added that the capabilities of resistance... of evidence nasrallah said that in the recent battle, some...
News ID: 83538   Publish Date: 2021/07/06

Nasrallah, Haniyeh discuss means to reach ‘decisive victory’
the attendees broach with details the battle of al-quds sword,...
News ID: 83519   Publish Date: 2021/06/30

Al-Nakhala meets with head Egypt's Intelligence Service
palestine especially &lsquo battle of sword of quds&rsquo and other...
News ID: 83449   Publish Date: 2021/06/14

US, S Arabia ready to lift blockade if Marib battle stopped
the battle for marib province on the part of houthi...
News ID: 83442   Publish Date: 2021/06/13

IRIAF cmdr.:
Axis of Resistance invincible
a long battle with the effects of chemical weapons he...
News ID: 83402   Publish Date: 2021/05/30