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Persian Gulf region plays decisive role in regional economy
role in the national and regional economy referring to the... development of the national economy, general safavi stressed ...
News ID: 84133   Publish Date: 2022/05/10

Iran's foreign trade volume exchange reached $100 bn
can activate our trade and economy,&rdquo he reiterated ...
News ID: 84131   Publish Date: 2022/05/10

US is in a weaker position in every aspect today
domestic politics, in its foreign policy, in its economy, in...
News ID: 84093   Publish Date: 2022/04/27

West's sanctions on Russia absurd, will affect global economy
influence the state of the global economy in the future...
effect on the western and global economy due to wrong... sanctions against the russian economy sanctions are absurd, but the...
News ID: 84085   Publish Date: 2022/04/22

Biden approval rating at lowest point in CBS News poll
marks when it came to his handling of the economy... management of the economy, compared to 63 percent who said...
News ID: 84040   Publish Date: 2022/04/12

Russia not to hinder if any agreement reached in Vienna talks
sustainable development of the economy and trade in the country...
News ID: 84033   Publish Date: 2022/04/11

MP on Vienna talks:
US must make up for mistakes if wants talks reach agreement
iran&rsquo s economy not only sanctions imposed by the united...
News ID: 84012   Publish Date: 2022/04/06

Raeisi stresses development of knowledge-based firms
tehran defapress - presidenebrahim raeisi described development of knowledge-based economy...
domestic iranian companies raeisi described the development of knowledge-based economy...
News ID: 83987   Publish Date: 2022/03/30

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Zelensky ready for dialogue with Putin, Kiev says
economy over the military operation in ukraine the announcement came... global economy to punish president vladimir putin over the military... the russian economy almost permanently exists in conditions of increased... russia in the global economy & it will reauthorize &...
News ID: 83926   Publish Date: 2022/03/10

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Russia warns it could cut gas supplies via Nord Stream 1
russia from the global economy,&rdquo pelosi said in a letter...
News ID: 83915   Publish Date: 2022/03/08

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Russia warns against offering airfields to Ukraine
economy," imf warns the international monetary fund said on saturday... severe impact on the global economy," the imf said biden,...
News ID: 83910   Publish Date: 2022/03/07

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Turkey moves to restrict entrance to Black Sea
to shield the economy from unprecedented western sanctions us calls...
News ID: 83890   Publish Date: 2022/03/01

Russia-Ukraine live updates;
Germany to supply Ukraine with anti-tank weapons, missiles
foreign and economy ministers have said russia to determine steps... economy,&rdquo ukrainian foreign minister dmytro kuleba wrote on twitter damage...
News ID: 83881   Publish Date: 2022/02/27

Iran, Qatar sign 14 coop. documents during Raeisi's visit
cooperation in the fields of economy, energy, infrastructure, culture and...
News ID: 83860   Publish Date: 2022/02/21

Moscow slams US statement on attack on Ukraine as disgraceful
it was ruining everything in ukraine from the economy and...
News ID: 83848   Publish Date: 2022/02/18

Thousands of Venezuelans march in support of President Maduro
going to rebuild our homeland venezuela its economy, culture, and...
News ID: 83833   Publish Date: 2022/02/13

Lebanese delegation arrives in Syria
foreign affairs, defense, economy, and energy the purpose of the...
News ID: 83762   Publish Date: 2021/09/05

US withdrawal proves military intervention doomed to failure
and assistance within its capacity to restore peace and economy,...
News ID: 83747   Publish Date: 2021/09/01

All but one nominated cabinet win vote of confidence from MPs
votes also, ehsan khandouzi became the next economy minister with...
News ID: 83730   Publish Date: 2021/08/26

South Korea seeking to revive trade relations with Iran
economy to a lesser extent he put the amount of...
News ID: 83724   Publish Date: 2021/08/25