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TEHRAN (defapress) – An Iranian lawmaker said that "as China is a good political and economic partner for Iran, the strategic cooperation with this country would influence our economy positively".
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Publish Date: 22July 2020 - 14:53

Coop. with china to positively influence Iran economySpeaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Ali Akbar Karimi made some remarks over the Iran-China 25-year document, noting that China is one of the world's great political, economic and international powers and it is a permanent member of the Security Council which has veto power.

He went on to note that unlike the United States and some European countries, China has never had a colonial and domineering approach towards the Iranian nation in the past.

“Although the United States and European countries have always sought to weaken China's economic influence and power in the world, this country has steadily grown in such fields,” he said, adding, “Despite its economic interactions with Western countries, China is also a serious competitor to the United States and Europe.”

“On this basis, Iran's strategic and long-term cooperation with China would bring some positive effects on our economy,” he said, adding that China is a good partner for Iran both politically and internationally, and in terms of economic power it can help us get through sanctions.

According to this lawmaker obtaining china’s modern technology, expanding oil and nonoil export to this country as well as attracting millions of Chinese tourists to Iran can be considered as achievements of this bilateral agreement.

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