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Tag: Iran
Gen. Pakpour:
Enemy does not have power to act against Islamic Republic
News ID: 84047   Publish Date: 2022/04/14

Iran summons Afghan chargé d'affaires over attack on embassy
News ID: 84041   Publish Date: 2022/04/13

Foreign ministry warns against anti-Iran and Afghanistan plots
News ID: 84037   Publish Date: 2022/04/12

Iran protests Denmark’s use of force to deport asylum seeker
News ID: 84034   Publish Date: 2022/04/11

Russia not to hinder if any agreement reached in Vienna talks
News ID: 84033   Publish Date: 2022/04/11

IRGC spox:
Collapse of Zionist regime accelerated
News ID: 84032   Publish Date: 2022/04/11

Parl. speaker:
Iran nuclear progresses a support to secure economic benefits
News ID: 84031   Publish Date: 2022/04/11

US agrees on partial removal of Iran sanctions
News ID: 84030   Publish Date: 2022/04/10

IRGC Navy seize foreign vessel carrying smuggled fuel in PG
News ID: 84027   Publish Date: 2022/04/10

Iran will not retreat from 'nuclear rights'
News ID: 84026   Publish Date: 2022/04/10

Iran-Russia Trade Conference kicked off in Moscow
News ID: 84023   Publish Date: 2022/04/08

Iran criticizes Germany to imprison 93-year-old woman
News ID: 84022   Publish Date: 2022/04/08

Iran warns against politicization of UNHRC membership
News ID: 84021   Publish Date: 2022/04/08

Iran, Russia hold joint trade conf. to discuss future coop.
News ID: 84019   Publish Date: 2022/04/07

Raeisi orders Intelligence Ministry to pursue Mashad incident
News ID: 84018   Publish Date: 2022/04/07

Iran FM congrats holy month of Ramadan to Muslim counterparts
News ID: 84016   Publish Date: 2022/04/07

5 suspects detained over deadly stabbing attack on clergymen in Mashhad
News ID: 84015   Publish Date: 2022/04/06

Iran to unveil about 100 nuclear achievements soon
News ID: 84013   Publish Date: 2022/04/06

MP on Vienna talks:
US must make up for mistakes if wants talks reach agreement
News ID: 84012   Publish Date: 2022/04/06

US congress tries to bar gov. from lifting bans on IRGC
News ID: 84008   Publish Date: 2022/04/05