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Almas, A new surprise of Hezbollah for the Zionist regime

The use of Almas missiles by Hezbollah in its recent attacks has surprised the Zionist regime regarding the depth of these attacks and the complexity of the developments on the northern front.
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Publish Date: 26May 2024 - 08:13

Almas, A new surprise of Hezbollah for the Zionist regimeTEHRAN (defapress) - The American Foreign Policy magazine, while citing the Alma Strategic Studies Center of the Zionist regime, admitted that although "Israel" knew about the existence of Almas missiles, it did not know that this technology had been provided to Lebanon's Hezbollah.

Sarit Zehavi, the head of this study center, added that Hezbollah's attacks have become much more complex in recent weeks and have reached the depth of "Israel", and I do not know where the situation will lead.

This report pointed to the Lebanese Hezbollah's attack on two Israeli spy balloons in recent weeks. The first balloon was destroyed by Hezbollah's air-to-ground missiles fired from a drone. This was the first attack that Hezbollah carried out through air-to-ground missiles and from inside the occupied Palestinian airspace, and although according to this Zionist center, it was not considered a fully advanced attack, they emphasized that it was a big leap forward for Hezbollah.

Zehavai continued that the Zionist settlement centers along the northern front with Lebanon are always targeted by Kornet missiles that are interceptors and anti-tank missiles, and now Almas missiles, produced by reverse engineering of Israeli military technology, have been used in recent Hezbollah attacks.

These missiles are similar to the Spike missiles of the Israel regime, which were given to Lebanon's Hezbollah as spoils of war in the 2006 war, and currently, the reverse engineering sample of these missiles is in the possession of this party.

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