Updated in: 15 July 2024 - 19:07
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Hezbollah only has used 5% of its power

Israeli media reports that the Resistance has only used so far 5% of its arsenal during the war since last October.
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Publish Date: 03June 2024 - 09:00

Hezbollah only has used 5% of its powerTEHRAN (defapress) - The Resistance in Lebanon "has used only 5% of its weapons arsenal during these months of battle as a testing ground against the Israeli army, in preparation for a real and extensive battle," Ynet reported, citing the occupation army.

The news website added that Hezbollah "tries every day to bypass air defense systems and derive lessons," and that  "this has become evident with the different launch angles [the Resistance] uses, the concentration of launches, and the varying amounts of explosives in each weapon fired, among other factors."

Thus, despite the "relatively limited volume of fire compared to the quantities" Hezbollah possesses, the Resistance "is registering accurate and successful hits," the outlet added, pointing out to the operation using the Burkan heavy rockets on Saturday targeting the 769th Brigade HQ, "Camp Gibor," causing severe damage to the military base.

The report added that "the use of Burkan rockets has proven effective in terms of material and psychological damage," citing its "impact due to the unusual levels of destruction caused by each of these rockets, which are known as heavy rockets and can carry up to half a ton of explosives."

The website also noted that "in recent months, similar to updates introduced to the anti-tank Almas missile, Hezbollah has developed a new family of Burkan rockets with warheads that exceed a ton of explosives" compared to earlier versions with a maximum capacity of 500kg of explosives.

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