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Western media's bilateral coverage of the Gaza war

The terrible crime of the Zionist regime in the Nuseirat camp, while once again portraying the bilateral coverage of the Western media, showed well how much the criminal and anti-human nature of this occupying and illegitimate regime is against humanity.
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Publish Date: 10June 2024 - 10:17

Western media's bilateral coverage of the Gaza war

TEHRAN (defapress) - The latest anti-human crime by the Zionist regime in Gaza took place with the air, land, and sea bombing of the Nuseirat camp in the center of the Gaza Strip. During this anti-human crime, more than 200 people from the Gaza Strip were martyred and more than 400 people were injured, so we are witnessing one of the bitterest and darkest days of the war in Gaza.

The brutal attack of the Zionist regime forces on the center of the Gaza Strip and the Nuseirat camp under the pretext of freeing 4 Israeli captives can be considered a clear example of a crime against humanity and the genocide of the Palestinian people. That's a type of massacre that has shocked the world and human society.

However, during the tragedy of the Nuseirat camp, the Zionist regime is not solely to blame, and the supporting role of the USA in the occurrence of this crime cannot be neglected because this genocide was committed by the intelligence and logistic support of the US military. Otherwise, this illegitimate regime would hardly have been able to commit such a crime in Gaza and martyr lots of civilians.

Of course, this is not the end of the story, and the Zionist regime while gaining the support of America before and during this criminal operation, has the full support of the Western media after this terrorist act. These supports are in such a way that all the Western news channels legitimize this inhuman operation of the Zionist regime under the pretext of freeing Israeli hostages.

In addition, a thought-provoking point is a manner of reflecting on the news related to the attack of the Zionist regime on the Nuseirat camp and highlighting the release of 4 Israeli prisoners from Hamas captivation. These media portrayed the liberation of 4 Zionists so professionally and skillfully that the martyrdom and wounding of more than 650 people in Gaza have been overshadowed by this liberation and they make the importance of the massacre of this number of Palestinians insignificant, compared to the liberation of 4 Israelis.

The Western media supports the Zionist regime's crime in the Nuseirat camp to such an extent that these media used the phrase "unfortunate result of a necessary operation" to justify this operation and the killing of the people of Gaza. Albeit, these media were not satisfied to this extent and in the type and manner of preparing and producing their news reports, they did their best to show that the release of Israeli prisoners is only possible through military operations.

It is important to consider the fact that the Zionist regime and its aggressor and occupying army have always had the full support of the United States and its allies, and in the meantime, would provide every military aid and intelligence assistance to the army of this regime.

In any case, the release of 4 Israeli prisoners is of such little importance in the face of the numerous failures that the Zionist regime suffered during the Gaza war in the internal and international arenas. As we can see the leaders and officials of this regime are trying to magnify this event to stream and reduce the severe psychological pressures they have endured in the last eight months.

In the end, it should be mentioned that although the Zionist regime's attack on the Nuseirat camp may have limited achievements for the Zionist regime inside the occupied Palestinian territories, outside of it, with the reflection of the killing of the people of the Nuseirat camp, it only increased the anger and hatred of the people of the world against this child killer regime.

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