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Media game of the Zionist regime in cover of Gaza ceasefire

Yesterday, in the form of a statement, the Hamas movement rejected the claim of the United States regarding the acceptance of the ceasefire plan by the Zionist regime. They announced that until today the authorities of this illegitimate occupation regime have not made or announced any decision in this regard.
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Publish Date: 14June 2024 - 12:14

TEHRAN (defapress) – Hamas, yesterday in a statement emphasized that this Palestinian resistance group has always sought the end of the Gaza war and the exchange of prisoners with the Zionist regime and has always welcomed the resolutions of the United Nations. However, the American claims regarding the acceptance of the ceasefire plan by the Zionist regime were not true, and the Zionist regime has not announced any position in this regard. Today, it must be said that the cunning and insidious policy of the Zionist regime during the eight decades of occupation of the Palestinian lands and genocide of the people of this land is no longer hidden from anyone, and the clearest example of it can be seen in the Gaza war.

Media game of the Zionist regime in cover of Gaza ceasefire

An unequal, bloody, and destructive war that resulted in the martyrdom of more than 37 thousand people in Gaza and the injury of more than 85 thousand others. But after eight months of the Gaza war, in addition to the massacre of thousands of people in this strip and injuring tens of thousands of others, we witnessed the destruction of this city and all urban infrastructure, including religious places, hospitals, and medical centers. Despite the relentless global pressure, we see that America is seeking to exonerate the Zionist regime during the Gaza war.

Based on this, as we observe the deepening of the crises caused by the Gaza war on the one hand and the dangerous expansion of the conflicts between the Zionist regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah on the other hand, it is going to light the flames of a big and comprehensive war in the region. In continuation of the policies of complicity with the Israeli regime, the United States is trying to make Tel Aviv appear innocent and they are trying to display Hamas guilty of the continuation of this war to the world.

However, since the establishment of the Zionist regime and the occupation of the Palestinian territories, it has been America that has always supported this occupying and illegitimate regime. The support that until today has led to the martyring of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, which has resulted in the Gaza war and the Zionist regime's aggression in Gaza, Rafah, and the West Bank, as well as sporadic attacks on southern Lebanon.

But the Hamas group has always emphasized that at all stages of negotiations related to the ceasefire, it has considered the demands of the Palestinian people regarding the permanent cessation of war, the complete withdrawal of the Zionist occupation from the Gaza Strip, the return of the displaced, the reconstruction of the ruins, and the signing of a serious agreement on the exchange of prisoners and has adopted a constructive approach to reach a comprehensive agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

Considering these cases and issues raised by the Hamas group, it can be said with certainty that the side that disrupted the ceasefire negotiations and is not looking for an end to the Gaza war is not Hamas, but the Zionist regime and its constant supporter, the United States. Based on this, it should be said that all the actions of the US and the Zionist regime in trying to reach a ceasefire agreement and the end of the war are a show and are done to deceive the public opinion of the people of the world.

On the other hand, the people of the world and the public opinion of the world have carefully monitored all the events related to the Gaza war and the attacks of the Zionist regime on this strip and the city of Rafah. People of the world are aware that the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, launched a military attack on Rafah on May 5, the day after the ceasefire proposal was proposed, and intensified his aggression against the people of Gaza.

In the end, it should be said that after more than eight decades of occupation of the Palestinian lands by the Zionist regime and several times of massacres of the Palestinian people, today everyone believes that neither the Zionist regime nor its constant support, the United States, will ever seek peace and a permanent ceasefire with Palestinians and will not abandon the policy of killing and forced displacement of the Palestinian people for a second.

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