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Hezbollah's military power on the battlefield

Exchanging fire between Hezbollah and the Zionist regime in the northern part of Occupied Palestine, gained more attention to the military power of the Hezbollah resistance group.
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Publish Date: 15June 2024 - 11:42

TEHRAN (defapress) – After the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Zionist regime started a violent attack against the Gaza Strip and created one of the most horrific humanitarian scenes in the 21st century. By increasing the pressure on the innocent civilians of Gaza, other resistance groups such as Hezbollah, to support the oppressed people of Gaza, entered into an intelligent conflict with the Zionists. They succeeded and were able to keep half of the Israeli forces on the northern border of Israel.

Hezbollah's military power on the battlefield

The complex and hybrid operations performed by Hezbollah were also a sign of the military power of this resistance group. To explain their power, we can point to the operations in which Hezbollah's missiles and drones pass from the Iron Dome and also hit the launcher of this system. Also shooting down the spy UAV while they were stealth, inflicted heavy blows to Israel's imagination about Hzbollah's power. Other operations that targeted the spying system of the Zionist regime to prevent them from spying on Hezbollah's movement, befuddled this brutal regime.

The scope of this operation now can be seen while the military bases of the Zionist regime are burning in fire of Hezbollah's missiles and their armed forces are the target of their artillery. By observing the battlefield, we can see that the fake power of Israel which is backed by the US and other European countries has lost its deterrence in front of Hezbollah and other resistance groups.

In conclusion, Israel is aware of its inability to survive in front of Hezbollah's power and their experience in the context of guerrilla wars. This pack of expertise is combined with advanced weapons such as different types of modern missiles and UVAs. If the Zionist regime walks on the line of lunacy and invades Southern Lebanon, can face hell before the day of doom.

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