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Major General Bagheri meets with Azerbaijan Cabinet member:
General Bagheri head of Armed Forces of Iran at a meeting with the head of the Azerbaijani border guard service emphasized the expansion of the areas of military, security and defense cooperation between the two countries.
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Publish Date: 05December 2017 - 09:08
Cooperation field between Iran and Azerbaijan in case security and defense
According to security defense reporter Defapress, MAJ.GEN. Bagheri in the meet with field marshal ilchibeig Azerbaijan Cabinet member and the chief of border guard service from this country, Stated: we are pleased with the fact that Azerbaijan has grown well in the last few years.
 He added that during the chairmanship, Elham Aliyof, the relations between the two countries have been outstretched and during the recent visit of the Azerbaijani President to Iran important decisions have been made on the gas and Caspian Sea energy.
General bagheri, emphasizing the fraternal relations between the two countries, added: "We are pleased with the freedom of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the people of Azerbaijan, Iran, have a linguistic, ethnic and religious linguistic and friendship with the people of Azerbaijan."
Major General Bagheri, while emphasizing the deep historical, cultural and religious relationships between the two countries, stated: there are many areas of military, security and defense cooperation between the two countries that must be used to the maximum capacity for security and mutual benefit.
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