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The martyr's commandant, Hossein Kharazi Dehkordi, wrote in his will: "I request the dear authorities and the people of Hezbollah to turn people away from the revolution away from them in the aspect of those who have not been able to persuade them and are now fighting in extra country through Spread of corruption, prostitution stand up to them and stop them as serious as possible. "
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The will of the martyr Hossein Kharrazi Dehkordari / Hard as possible to get resist corruption.According to the reporter of Sajed , the martyr "Haj Hossein Kharazi Dehkordi" was born on October 1, 1956 in “Koy Kalam”, from the favelas of the province of Isfahan. He was martyred on March 8, 1985, as commandant of Imam Hussein's Lashkar-e-14 Division in Shalamcheh and in the Karbala 5 operation.
Here is the text of the will of this martyr:

Addressing the commandants and warriors of Islam

We must fight like the armies of Imam Hossein, if we want to encirclement the grave of the sixth corner of Imam Hussein (AS), we should not have a word and prayer except this: "Allah, the Prophet Mohija Muhammad and Al Muhammad, and Amathi Muhamat Muhammad and Al Mohammad.

If we reflect ourselves involved in victories, this is a veil for us, this is possibly God's denial.
"If you are fighting for God, you do not need to account to me and the other." Hold the account for the revival. If it is for God to say what?
- There are problems that humans are verified. Wait for the world to be mortal and we believe in resurrection.
"Everything we kill and so on comes to our head is from God's defiance and all entrenched in the non-observance of God's legal and forbidden acts.
- omission and weakness in worship have an opposing effect on victories.
- We all have the responsibility and duty, in spite of all the inadequacies, to carry on the war as energetically and with dangerous power as we command, because we are fighting for spiritual duty, not for the sole resolve of victory

- Our press writes wars coarse, does not write right

- My question is only war, and my question is solved here too

- It is always our desire to keep the reminiscences of the martyrs in our minds alive and to reflect the martyrs as a model that the martyrs are the routes of the prophets and are the real protectors who were martyred in this way

- I am absorbed in existence in the Basiji, with all my nepotisms, in my heart.
First will

... I want people to be the follower of Velayat-e faqih, the way our martyrs are the right way, first I want them to forgive me and to intercede on the Day of Judgment and I ask God to continue their way. Those who, with their existence and their lives, trained us a lesson. With their jihad they erudite the lesson of resistance and, with their going, they learned the lesson of love. I ask the dear authorities and the people of Hezbollah to stand up against them in front of those who could not persuade people to sidetrack people from the revolution and are now fighting in the country finished the spread of dishonesty, prostitution and homelessness. Get more serious about these mischiefs

Second will:
God bless you from the darkness, the tightness and pressure of the grave, and the question of the evil and the evil on the Day of Judgment and Resurrection. O God, I'm a heartbreaker, I know and achievement over you, and I believe in you. O God, there is no distance until the operation, God, in the words of Imam Khomeini, you are the commandant of all forces, you win the warriors yourself, do not keep the dependable evil from the head of the Muslims. O God! I have nothing but debt and sin from the world's stuff. O God! You will admit my own repentance and receive my great elegance of martyrdom and I will seek for your pardon and forgiveness

I know that I was not a good sponsor in the office of Beit Al-Amal, and may have been rude, briefly refuse to deny me and look for forgiveness

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