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TEHRAN (defapress) – Iran’s ambassador to the UN Majid Takht-Ravanchi said that US President Donald Trump “is not aware that Iran is not after nuclear weapons.”
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Publish Date: 10May 2019 - 11:55

Trump not aware that Iran not interested in nuclear weaponsIn an interview with MSNBC, the Iranian envoy touched upon Leader of Islamic Revolution’s verdict on banning nuclear weapons in Islam, highlighting that Iran is not interested in such weapons.

Asked about whether Iranian leaders are willing to meet with Trump or not, Takht-Ravanchi answered, “The first question that he has to answer is that why he left the negotiating table. Because we were talking to all participants of the Nuclear Deal including the United States within the framework of the joint commission of the deal.”

“What is the guarantee that he [Trump] will not renege again on the future talks between Iran and the United States?” he framed, noting that Trump has already pulled US unilaterally out of the JCPOA multilateral accord.

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