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FM Zarif:
TEHRAN (defapress) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that US imposition of sanctions on the Leader’s office is against the international rules and regulations.
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Publish Date: 27June 2019 - 11:07

US imposition of sanctions on Leader’s office contrary to intl. criteriaHe made the remarks late on Wednesday on the sidelines of ceremony of “Africa Day” and added, “US illegal move in placing the name of Leader of Islamic Revolution and affiliated individuals to the Leader’s Office in sanctions list indicates this fact that US officials are not well aware of international norms and criteria.”

In response to a US government’s claim, saying that Iran intends to invade its neighbors, he said, “Islamic Republic of Iran has and will never intend to invade its neighbors, so that Iran is provider of peace and security in the region and has secured security of the region throughout history.”

If US officials think that they can secure the security of the region by eliminating Iran, they are completely mistaken, because, security of the region requires Iran and Iran also needs security of this region, Zarif stipulated.

He pointed his finger to US wrong policies in the region and said, “US government has threatened peace and security of the region extremely.”

He went on to say that a joint commission meeting will be held on June 28 in the presence of political directors of JCPOA member states and added, “in this meeting, representatives of Islamic Republic of Iran will expound the situation of the country under JCPOA to participants clearly.”

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