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President Raeisi:
TEHRAN (Defapress) - President Raeisi has held a phone call with Charles Michel, the President of the European Council during which he said that Iran wants to develop relations with European countries.
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Publish Date: 09September 2021 - 03:24

Unconstructive approach at IAEA to disrupt negotiationsDuring the phone conversation on Wednesday afternoon, the Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi told the President of the European Council Charles Michel, "The Islamic Republic of Iran intends to develop its relations with the European Union and European countries in areas of mutual interest."

Meanwhile, Raeisi stressed that developing relations with the EU requires the European practical stapes taken independently from the unilateralist powers such as the United States.

With regard to Afghanistan, he said that the 20-year of US occupation showed that there is no military solution to Afghanistan.

The president called for the formation of an inclusive Afghan government, saying, "To the Islamic Republic of Iran, the lack of an inclusive government with the participation of all ethnic groups in Afghanistan will have a major impact on the country's future and European security."

With respect to the nuclear deal known as the JCPOA, Raeisi said that Iran never violated the deal and that it was the Americans who did so.

He criticized Europeans for not abiding by the JCPOA after the US exit, adding that, "It is natural that in the case of an unconstructive behavior in the International Atomic Energy Agency, it does not make sense to expect Iran to have a constructive response. Unconstructive actions naturally disrupt the negotiation process as well."

"What matters is that although the Trump administration has gone in the United States and the Biden administration has taken office, in practice, there has been no change in US policy toward Iran, and the same approach and measures, namely sanctions and pressure on Iran, have remained," the Iranian president said.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel, for his part, stressed the serious interest of the European Union in strengthening bilateral relations and expanding economic cooperation with Iran and said, "The sanctions have had an undesired impact on EU-Iran relations, and this is one of the reasons why the concept of strategic independence has become so important to the EU."

He stressed, "Personally, I am a strong advocate of the idea that the European Union should first and foremost pursue its own interests," adding, "The European Union wants to remain a sincere partner to Iran so that we can see more stability in the region."

"I believe we have to learn a lot from the 20 years of NATO and US presence in Afghanistan," the EU official said.

Expressing concern over the influx of large numbers of asylum seekers into Europe, Charles Michel called on Iran to play a role and work to restore stability to Afghanistan.

He said, "Europe's first priority is the safe exit of European nationals and Afghans who have worked with us in this country."

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