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Iranian Navy to receive Deylaman destroyer: Cmdr.

The commander of the Iranian Navy has announced that the Navy’s northern fleet will soon be equipped with a Deylaman destroyer.
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Publish Date: 28November 2023 - 08:06

Iranian Navy to receive Deylaman destroyer: Cmdr.He announced during a press conference on Friday.

Admiral Irani emphasized that the Caspian Sea is a sea of peace and friendship, and the addition of the Deylaman destroyer serves two main purposes.

The first is to ensure the safety of shipping, given the unique conditions of the Caspian Sea.

The second purpose is to enhance the training skills of the forces, as all naval training centers are located in the north of the country, he said.

Admiral Irani also revealed that the Deylaman is the latest model of the Jamaran destroyer but with updated equipment.

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