Updated in: 22 July 2024 - 14:38
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France parliament election in heat

The result of France's snap election went far from Macron's imagination.
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Publish Date: 07July 2024 - 11:03

TEHRAN (defaoress) – France is now facing with runoff election for parliament while the far-right gained the majority of the seats.

France parliament election in heat

The French President, Emanuel Macron shocked much of France and the world by dissolving parliament and calling what's known as a snap election after the National Rally came first in the June 9 elections for France's seats in the European Parliament. He said he wanted to give the French a chance "to say no to extremes."

But the situation went against his will and while increasing the participation percentage to around 67 percent, the National Rally party gained the most seats and is trying to achieve the absolute parliament. If the far-right went into the French government, this will be the first time since the Vichy regime collaborated with the Nazis in World War II.

The reason that the French people show interest in them is because of their policies about the economic crisis that France is facing. They insist on economic reconstruction and decreasing the tensions that France is involved in.

Some of these policies are about decreasing France's involvement in NATO tensions in Ukraine and reducing the support from the Zionist regime. Marine Le Pen's anti-Zionist point of view caused concern to the Zionist regime. They started to run negotiations with the far-right party to keep the bilateral connection in the future with France.

Besides that, the radical policies of this party against migration, racism, and Islamophobia put a group of French people in fear. They are scared if this party gains power, what will happen next. 

Till now, there isn't that much hope for the far-right to gain the whole parliament. But with the current results of the French parliamentary elections, Macron must share the power with them and choose a Prime Minister from this party.

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