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Defense missile 358

358 is a unique defense missile in the world.
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Publish Date: 08July 2024 - 16:00

TEHRAN (defapress) - Defense 358 as a loitering munition is a type of military weapon that can fly over the target area after firing for a certain period until its operator acquires the target through a camera mounted on the ammunition.

Defense missile 358

Usually, loitering munition is classified in the category of kamikaze drones because they can wait in the sky for a few tens of minutes or even a few hours so that the operator can get the target. 

Thus missile has two methods to attack the enemy. One is the automatic method which after locking the missile's head camera on the target, automatically pursues the target and hits it. The second is that the missile is manually guided by the operator at the same time.

Defense missile 358

This missile was revealed in 2023 when the Russian Defense Minister visited this missile at the defense exhibition.

The 358 missile is the world's first self-guided defense munition and such a thing has not been seen in the world's armies before.

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