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Tag: Karrar
'Karrar' tanks passing final tests by Army Ground Forces
News ID: 82604   Publish Date: 2020/11/22

Phantom Fighters Destroy Ground Targets by Qassed Smart Bombs in Iranian Air Force Drills
News ID: 82448   Publish Date: 2020/11/03

Iranian Army Commander:
US Biggest Threat in World
News ID: 82445   Publish Date: 2020/11/03

Gen. Heidari:
Army to unveil new telecommunication and drone achievements
News ID: 76244   Publish Date: 2019/03/17

Iran to Equip Army, IRGC with Hundreds of New Tanks
News ID: 71284   Publish Date: 2018/07/19

Iran Successfully Tests Active Protection System on Home-Made Tanks
News ID: 66806   Publish Date: 2017/11/01