Updated in: 20 May 2024 - 13:43

Our honorable Raisi worked tirelessly

In a message of condolence, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has offered his condolences on the martyrdom-like demise of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and his esteemed entourage. The following is the full text of his message.
News ID: 84565    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

Hezbollah mourns ‘great brother’ Raeesi

The Lebanese resistance movement issued a statement offering its “deepest condolences” to Iran’s Supreme Leader and the Iranian people.
News ID: 84564    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

The head of Yemen's revolutionary committee wishes Raeesi’s family patience

The head of Yemen's revolutionary committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, said his deepest condolences to the Iranian people, the Iranian leadership, and the families of President Raeesi and the accompanying delegation.
News ID: 84563    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

The Prime Minister of Iraq expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of the Iranian President

The Prime Minister of Iraq expressed his condolences on the air accident for the President and Foreign Minister of our country and some of his companions.
News ID: 84562    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

Hamas condoled the martyrdom of the Iranian president to the Supreme Leader of Iran

The Hamas movement emphasized its support for the Iranian people to overcome the great sadness of the loss of the country's president.
News ID: 84561    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

Cabinet Issues Statement after Martyrdom of Iranian President

The cabinet of ministers of the Iranian administration convened an emergency meeting on Monday morning after the official confirmation of the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raeesi and Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in a helicopter crash.
News ID: 84560    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

The Iran's President and his companions were martyred

The President of Iran, Ayatollah Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi, the revolutionary and popular president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and his companions were martyred.
News ID: 84559    Publish Date : 2024/05/20

No words should be spoken about despair

No media has the right to make people regret their proud history and disappoint them with the bright future that is waiting for them.
News ID: 84555    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

Hitting two areas in Israel was the purpose of the True Promise operation

The Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC stated that the goal of the True Promise operation was to hit two areas in Israel.
News ID: 84554    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

Spreading despair is the enemy's will

One of the officials of the Mobilization of the Oppressed organization, Ali Rezaei, stated that having hope while being aware of the country's capabilities, is important.
News ID: 84553    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

Indirect negotiations between Iran and America

The representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United Nations confirmed the indirect negotiations between Iran and the United States in Oman in response to media inquiries.
News ID: 84552    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

The Iranian armed forces are completely self-sufficient

Commander Golfam, referring to the capabilities of Iran's armed forces, said that we have become completely self-sufficient in the field of defense by taking advantage of the experience of the holy defense and the efforts of our country's experts.
News ID: 84549    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

The production of export defense products in Iran will increase by 50%

Commander "Talaeinik" announced the goal of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces to increase the production of export defense products by 50% during this year.
News ID: 84547    Publish Date : 2024/05/19

80% of Iranians agree with supporting the oppressed around the world

Referring to the results of a national survey about the values and attitudes of Iranians, Seyed Mohammad Hashemi said: This survey showed that nearly 80% of Iranian people agree with supporting the oppressed of the world.
News ID: 84543    Publish Date : 2024/05/18

The "Hope Media Cup" seeks to create hope in the society

Karazmoyan listed the production of good news and creating hope in society as one of the goals of holding the Hope Media Cup and said that to create hope, media people are united.
News ID: 84542    Publish Date : 2024/05/18

The media is the basis of Jihad of Explanation

Commmander Ghoeishi considered the members of the media as the officers of the battlefield of soft war and stated that the media is the basis of Jihad of Explanation.
News ID: 84541    Publish Date : 2024/05/18

Closing of the Hope Media Cup

The biggest event of producing and publishing promising content and development of Iran began at the center of international conferences of the Islamic Revolutionary Comprehensive University. 
News ID: 84540    Publish Date : 2024/05/18

Supreme Leader visited Tehran book fair

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited the 35th edition of the Tehran International Book Fair this morning while attending the Grand Mosalla of Imam Khomeini.
News ID: 84535    Publish Date : 2024/05/13

Producing a computer game from the "True Promise" operation

The computer game of the "True Promise" operation is going to be produced by the Foundation for Preservation of Works and Dissemination of Values of Holy Defense.
News ID: 84524    Publish Date : 2024/05/12

The impact of the "True Promise" operation in increasing Iran's defense deterrence

According to the published field reports from the Navatim airbase, this military base has suffered serious damage due to Iran's punitive attack, and parts of it have been severely damaged.
News ID: 84523    Publish Date : 2024/05/12