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Major General Baqeri:
The head of the General staff of the armed forces by stating that this year's international day of Quds intersects with the new developments of importance is a double, said the presence of the Iranian nation and revolution in keeping with the Muslim world in the Quds day rallies to support the Palestinian intifada and the Al-Quds cause could be the new American intrigue-Zionism fails and the process of the oppressed Palestinians and destroying Israel win speed.
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Publish Date: 07June 2018 - 16:27

The presence of the revolutionary people in the Quds day rallies, the new intrigue to defeat the American-Zionist offersAccording to the Defapress reporter, "guardians of the President of the General staff of the armed forces," Baqeri on the occasion of the twenty-ninth anniversary of Imam Khomeini (RA) erthaal malakouti and marks the fifty-fifth anniversary of the bloody uprising of June 15th and on the eve of international day of Quds issued a message.

The text of the message is as follows:

In the name of God
Twenty-ninth anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran erthaal malakouti of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (RA) and fifty-fifth anniversary the bloody uprising that led to the June 15th- Instructive, thanks to the spirit of God, the maker of the Islamic revolution on February 22 57 glorious and create strategic and geopolitical shock on the block slot the magnitude D 2500-year-old imperial system, the disintegration of the world, Sunrise awakening in the geography of the Islamic world and the beginning stages of the formation of Islamic civilization-in the absence of that, despite the cherished have malice and intrigue of the enemy's front and the continuous appreciation of the Islamic revolution, Imam enemy ideals of Rachel (RA) and the present Imam of the revolution, rather than the place even in the heart of Europe and ASP America is a significant manifestation of human society and under the influences of astragals and its wondrous miracle.

In such days that remember the name massive Imam (RA), the great peacemaker and abrmerd the world of humanity, the country's space influenced by his Majesty is made, outlining the position today of the revolution and the Republic in the forties, especially for the younger generation and the growth rate of the revolution, which exposed the virtual and the real invasion of the Empire of media and Enemy propaganda, is very essential, inspiring and a lesson in school.

Revolution of the same 5 may 1962 you’re not a liberal democracy the Western Qibla and not Marxism communism and Islam the Kaaba that just east of Mohammadi (PS) was placed, by breaking the monopoly of the bipolar world now as a new global power geometry side glaring void and build your dreams And the dreams of Americans who, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the new century, the Middle East and American goal were new, to live a life of truth and objectivity in the Islamic Ummah and but also communities and Nations operating there.

This is a brilliant success and particularly the influence of the regional Islamic Republic that amazing to say about a friend and is product of enemy agents and important elements of strategic management, the key is and the future successor of Hazrat Ayatollah Ruhollah ngraneh (RA), Hazrat Imam Khamenei Supreme Leader and intelligent insight and Mel O Iran in miniature effect it gray.

On the anniversary of Imam Khomeini (RA) and arthaal believe, during his zaamet competent posteriorly, the leader of the Islamic revolution with wisdom and f. Imam Khamenei our beloved country in the storm of war and regional insecurity and terrorism intrigue fire flare takfiri; plenty of risks, threats and challenges Ahead of that by taghot a. evil and the evil triangle of British America, the Zionist regime and the Arab reaction and the Iranian nation in the path of the revolution had been gstrandeh, and overcoming internal as well as in the sphere of complex map and plot and captivating the enemy to create a diversion and direct revolution and destabilize wayEmbed the Islamic system in civilization, the collapse of the Rails.

In these circumstances the fundamental system of the great battle of domination and arrogance in line with the US against the evil of revolution and regime of the Islamic Republic in the middle of a big bolt is the fate of the historic steps, should be stressed will forever Rachel Imam (RA) in support of the Supreme Leader is still the main factor of the shelf-life of the revolution And the damage that characterizes the State of any STD, conspiracy and intrigue; so powerful on behalf of the members of the armed forces, the revolutionary Iranian nation velayatmadar noble and warrior assure:

Your Instructive children in the army, the revolutionary guards, the police, the Ministry of Defense and mobilization of the porr on the Imam martyr that prominent martyrs of the Islamic revolution and are closed, and with the installation of Ain put the total balance of the Supreme command and the commands truly Imam Khamenei's all capacity and capability Backing the preservation of their independence, territorial integrity and national security of the Islamic revolution and system Current,, conquering modern Ignorance and the Islamic civilization of the Nile to the gates of a new equation and divine grace in this way happy to answer decisive and crushing any threats, aggression and greed and bdkhahan enemies of the moment use  The hesitation.

In the end, with dreams of worships and reasonably taaat nation during fasting in Ramadan and the feast of Islamic Iran's mobarakeh magnitude of nights since the international day of Quds in confluence with new developments such as the American bar in the misery of the action to move the Embassy to Jerusalem and Al-Quds Sharif as recognition The capital of the Zionist crimes of the Zionist regime and the hangman and the child in to the soil and the blood of the people of Gaza and rallies them right back, has a double significance has been possessed, a revolutionary presence, vast multitudes of different strata and crashing and the people of Iran in keeping with the Muslim world in the Global March International Day of Quds To support the Palestinian intifada and the Al-Quds cause could be the new Zionist-American intrigue fails and the process of the oppressed Palestinian victory and Israel's destruction, and occupying the usurper and quickly.

Guards major General Mohammad Baqeri

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