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Fuel export to Venezuela ‘within framework of intl. regulations'

TEHRAN (defapress) – Deputy Chief of Sarallah Headquarters Brigadier General Esmail Kosari on Tue. said that Iran’s export of gasoline to the Bolivarian country of Venezuela has been made within the framework of international rules and regulations.
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Publish Date: 02June 2020 - 14:42

Fuel export to Venezuela ‘within framework of intl. regulations'He pointed to Iran’s move of sending gasoline to Venezuela despite US threats and added, “sending gasoline to Venezuela is a kind of reciprocal move and response to the move taken by Venezuela over the past years.”

The brigadier general also referred to the amicable bilateral ties between Islamic Republic of Iran and Venezuela and emphasized, “fortunately, the relations between Iran and friendly country of Venezuela is very close and intimate, so Islamic Republic of Iran responded positively to their request and sent five tankers, carrying gasoline, to this country and announced its readiness to repair and construct its refineries.”

Islamic Republic of Iran sent gasoline to Venezuela at the condition that US had threatened Iran, he said, adding, “Islamic Republic of Iran warned the United States strongly that its move has been taken within the framework of international rules and regulations and they cannot prevent Iran from exporting gasoline to Venezuela.”

He termed Iran’s move in sending gasoline to Venezuela as 'an authoritative move' and added, “Iran’s move in this regard has been taken in line with national interests and objectives.”

The United States understood well that if they block Iran’s sending of gasoline to Venezuela, such illogical move would have negative consequences for them, Kowsari added.

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