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Israel recent attacks political suicide: Iran's defense min

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani says that the Israeli regime's recent attacks against Palestinians is like a political suicide.
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Publish Date: 23October 2023 - 11:06

Israel recent attacks political suicide: Iran's defense min.Ashtiani made the remarks in a phone conversation with his Syrian counterpart Ali Mahmoud Abbas.

Condemning the Israeli regime's crimes against Palestinians in the ongoing war, the Iranian minister said that the Zionist regime has revealed its true nature with inhumane crimes in Gaza.

The Iranian defense minister also condemned the Israeli regime's attack on Syrian airports, saying that the Tel Aviv regime is trying to say that it is capable of giving a serious response on all fronts, while it is much weaker than the fake image it has created from itself.

Referring to his phone conversation with his Iraqi counterpart, Ashtiani underlined that the decisive position of the governments of Iraq and Syria in not normalizing ties with the Zionist regime can be a model for those Arab countries that seek to normalize relations with this infamous regime.

He added that the usurping Zionist regime, with the green light and the support of the United States and the West, considers no limits for its inhumane actions.

Mahmoud Abbas, for his part, expressed sorrow over the killing of oppressed Palestinians by the Israeli regime.

Saying that targeting Syrian airports is a sign of the Israeli regime's weakness, the Syrian defense minister said that Damascus will surely stand against the Zionists.

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