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The impact of the "True Promise" operation in increasing Iran's defense deterrence

According to the published field reports from the Navatim airbase, this military base has suffered serious damage due to Iran's punitive attack, and parts of it have been severely damaged.
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Publish Date: 12May 2024 - 09:33

The impact of theTEHRAN (defapress) - The successful True Promise operation, which occurred on 13 April 2024, was carried out on a large scale against targets in the occupied Palestinian territories and showed a combination of the power and precision of Iranian missiles and drones.

In a massive military operation, the IRGC attacked the bases of the Zionist army in the occupied territories with dozens of missiles and drones, and the Zionist foe, despite having comprehensive intelligence and defense support from America, England, France, and several other countries, could not effectively deal with Iran's offensive and punitive operations.

One of the important actions in the True Promise operation was targeting the Zionist regime's military bases of Mero and Navatim, and as a result of these attacks, the enemy suffered irreparable damages.

According to the published field reports from the Navatim base, parts of this military base have suffered severe damage during Iran's punitive attack.

Also, Israel's internal security minister, Ben Gower, has admitted that a number of our forces were killed as a result of a missile attack on our military bases.

Despite the claims of the Zionist regime regarding the 99 percent interception of Iranian ballistic missiles, many videos have been published that 10 to 15 rockets hit targets in the occupied territories, which questions the claim of the Zionists.

According to the acknowledgment of some military commanders, on the night of the True Promise operation, three layers of enemy defense in Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and the occupied territories were protecting the Zionist regime, and on the side of our nemesis, besides the wicked Zionist regime, America, England, and France were there, and America, along with some Western and Arab countries, was trying to thwart the True Promise operation.

The filed reports admitted that the Iron Dome cannot do anything if a multitude of missiles are fired, and, if a military conflict occurs between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Israel, Iran will be the final winner of this battle.

A small part of the missile and drone power of the Islamic Republic which was displayed in the True Promise operation has created a favorable deterrent power for Iran and has improved its position in the regional and international arena.

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