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Tag: Bagheri
Major gen. says Iran’s political strategy remains in place without change
News ID: 69889   Publish Date: 2018/04/27

Iran takes over IONS presidency
News ID: 69823   Publish Date: 2018/04/23

IONS members to continue war games to bring more security to region
News ID: 69822   Publish Date: 2018/04/23

Iran commemorating 40th National Army Day
News ID: 69767   Publish Date: 2018/04/18

On the cause of the anniversary of the martyrdom of martyr Tusi;
He always accompanied with martyr agheri / Eventually, his prowess was in Valfajr 8
News ID: 69634   Publish Date: 2018/04/09

General Bagheri in the opening ceremony of Radio “Baharan”
No authority can overcome the Iranian people
News ID: 69153   Publish Date: 2018/03/12

General Bagheri with reporters:
Iran's people in the holy defense transformed the Shamefulness past to the Proud
News ID: 69148   Publish Date: 2018/03/12

Powers seeking to impose their culture on other countries
News ID: 68865   Publish Date: 2018/02/25

Mousaviinjad in a conversation with the DefaPress:
The story of Saeed Alizadeh's martyrdom / the object of forces formed a vast epic in Nebel and Al-Zahra
News ID: 68522   Publish Date: 2018/02/06

Army chief Bagheri:
US behind new rise of terror in Afghanistan
News ID: 68512   Publish Date: 2018/02/06

General Kargar:
Martyr Hassan Bagheri believed that "we can"
News ID: 68443   Publish Date: 2018/02/03

Bagheri discusses Turkey’s military operations with Turkish counterpart
News ID: 68206   Publish Date: 2018/01/22

Army chief of staff condoles over Sanchi oil tanker tragedy
News ID: 68088   Publish Date: 2018/01/15

Chief of staff, Army, IRGC mark 9-Dey Epic
News ID: 67800   Publish Date: 2017/12/29

Bagheri on the sixth anniversary of Ahmadi Roshan's testimony:
Martyr "Ahmadi Roshan" has a considerable role in uranium production / Western-style thinking prevents the country's progress.
News ID: 67781   Publish Date: 2017/12/28

General baqeri:
Enemy using the gap between Sunnis and Shia brought Takfiris
News ID: 67716   Publish Date: 2017/12/25

Maj. Gen. Bagheri:
Iraqi Kurdistan's issue 'an ethnic conspiracy'
News ID: 67689   Publish Date: 2017/12/24

In a message;
Iran chief of staff of Armed Forces, Major General Bagheri, in a message congratulated Chiristmas and the new year to the authorities of the world.
News ID: 67688   Publish Date: 2017/12/24

National meeting of Army cmdrs. kicks off on Tue.
News ID: 67596   Publish Date: 2017/12/19

General Baqeri,
The action of America the beginnings of a "big Intifada" is
News ID: 67409   Publish Date: 2017/12/11