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The Zionist regime has martyred more than 186,000 Palestinians since October 7

A report published by The Lancet predicts that over 186,000 Palestinians may be killed, either directly or indirectly by the ongoing Israeli occupation's war on Palestine's Gaza Strip, emphasizing the urgent need for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid.
News ID: 84747    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

Al-Qassam spokesman:

We have recruited thousands of new forces to fight against Israel

The spokesman of Al-Qassam Brigades emphasized on Sunday that the Al-Aqsa Flood operation was not the beginning of the resistance of the Palestinian people against Israel's aggression, but the explosion of the Palestinian people against the crimes of the enemy.
News ID: 84743    Publish Date : 2024/07/08

IOF martyred three Palestinians at east of Rafah

Israeli occupation forces killed three Palestinians at the east of Rafah .
News ID: 84739    Publish Date : 2024/07/07

Israeli tanks bombed civilian tents

Hamas and Gaza residents said that IOF struck Rafah in southern Gaza on Friday, as well as other areas across the enclave, martyring at least 45 Palestinians.
News ID: 84675    Publish Date : 2024/06/22

"Tactical pause" cannot wash Israel's bloody hands

The Israeli military on Sunday announced a “tactical pause” in its invasion of the southern Gaza Strip to allow the deliveries of increased quantities of humanitarian aid but this action cannot give a philanthropic appearance to this oppressor regime.
News ID: 84665    Publish Date : 2024/06/16

Once again Eisenhower was defeated by Yemeni missiles and drones

Yahya Saree, in a statement, announced 6 naval, missile, and drone operations of Yemen troops against the US Navy and commercial ships in the Red Sea.
News ID: 84617    Publish Date : 2024/06/02

Mediators urge Israel, and Hamas to finalize the truce

The mediators ask Israel and Hamas to finalize the ceasefire plan.
News ID: 84615    Publish Date : 2024/06/02

The al-Qassam Brigades gave details about the Jabalia operation

The Military Media of the Martyr Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, published a recorded video addressing the families of Israeli captives and the dead, detailing the operation carried out in Jabalia and saying "Do not believe your government or your army".
News ID: 84611    Publish Date : 2024/06/02


Our attitude to Biden's words is positive

Hamas announced that it has a positive attitude towards the ceasefire proposal announced by the American president.
News ID: 84605    Publish Date : 2024/06/01

Hamas tunnels put the Zionist regime under pressure

Hamas tunnels play an important role in putting pressure on the Zionist regime and act as a means where it is possible to keep prisoners, continue missile capabilities, and maintain the element of surprise in confrontations and sniper shootings.
News ID: 84603    Publish Date : 2024/06/01

The martyr toll rises after the Zionist regime's barbaric attack

The number of martyrs of the attack on the Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah increased to more than 50 people.
News ID: 84593    Publish Date : 2024/05/27

Israel massacre in the safe zone

In a new massacre, on May 26, at least 40 civilians were killed and others were injured, mostly children and women, in the Israeli occupation's bombardment of the tents of displaced people northwest of the city of Rafah , south of the Gaza Strip.
News ID: 84589    Publish Date : 2024/05/27

Zionist regime intensify attacks against Rafah , despite ICJ order

Israel regime despite ICJ order, intensified attacks against Rafah and claimed that accusations "are false".
News ID: 84573    Publish Date : 2024/05/25

Arab rulers welcomed the judgment of The Hague Court against the Zionist regime

The Arab countries of the Persian Gulf by issuing separate statements on Friday, May 22, supported the judgment of The Hague Court to stop the aggression of the Zionist regime in Rafah .
News ID: 84569    Publish Date : 2024/05/25

360,000 civilians have left the Rafah

Palestinian media reported that at least 360,000 residents of Rafah have left this area so far.
News ID: 84538    Publish Date : 2024/05/13

Hamas re-establishing itself as Israel war objectives proved 'elusive': US media

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas is regrouping across the Gaza Strip, an American daily says, pointing out that Israeli forces are again fighting in the areas where they claimed to have defeated Hamas fighters.
News ID: 84536    Publish Date : 2024/05/13

Egypt is going to join the genocide case against Israel

Egypt said Sunday it will join a genocide lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over its deadly offensive in the Gaza Strip.
News ID: 84531    Publish Date : 2024/05/13

Israel military, great heaven for mercenaries

As the Israeli regime is committing a full-scale invasion in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Rafah , which shelters 1.5 million displaced Palestinians, this situation sounds the alarm internationally about the consequences of this catastrophic action.
News ID: 84530    Publish Date : 2024/05/13

Rafah ; A deadly trap for the Zionists

The regional analysts demonstrated the ground attack of the Zionist regime army on the city of Rafah as a dangerous and deadly trap for the Zionists and stated that the purpose of the military movement was only to prevent the fall of Netanyahu's cabinet and gain more time for his survival in power.
News ID: 84527    Publish Date : 2024/05/25

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