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In a meeting with the family of the martyr, "Mehrdad" khashm far

The adventure of the shooting a mistake towards the Parliament/return to the embrace of the family after 13 years

The mother of the martyr Mehrdad Khashm far r about child his martyr says: loved the martyr. "I said I want to be anonymous martyr; if I don't return my funeral like a martyr».
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Publish Date: 11October 2017 - 20:44

According to defapress reporter:The five boys and one girl, all in home Khashm far family that maybe 50 meters to the extent that they fail to grow together and were bred. In the neighborhood of the neighborhood South of Tehran that is thousands of martyrs of the sacred defense steps, so far this year alley alley young commuter location was left to defend the home country. Although the years of that era has passed but still footprint of that era in the face of the Capped mothers of martyrs, or on the walls of mosques and Tracks that the image has been decorated with the martyrs.

The story of an incorrect shooting towards a parliamentary speaker/Return to family hug after 13 years

Five of family guy anger far, m. big boy family was martyred. The father, mother, brothers and khoaherha waited for 13 years to reach him, the son of a great family in these years was lost.

"M" has its own song, "which introduced the Homa woman wit and language among the years of people from Gilan is that despite years of His residence in Tehran, not the sweet accent Middle can be heard talking about his songs. In between smiles and humor are still speaks of her son when it closes and Not arrived his throat way to change his voice. Defines the "mehrdadsh was 17 years old and still has his mustache and beard that was Not arrived to the front. When asked to take satisfaction from his father, and his father said the end is sick they really ought to leave him alone and tweaks on? God had said.

Characteristics of similarity to other innocent martyrs of rage far not martyrs, the mother says, "was a good morality, God and banmaz, was always kept our respect, always loved the martyr, said martyr anonymous I will, if I don't like my new martyr.

Make money with Street peddler a place to park the kids

Little kids to take the Quran lessons and a. mounth. With the money that puts a wholesale loss of the kid’s park. Once his father the money that was set aside for children to harvest that much wrong and was soon upset the sum so.

Servant of God that God wanted to become his servant acts livery painted the same obscurity for 13 years, Mehrdad was asked to testify before the mother had said. Of course, this was the mother of impatience that his body after years of waiting to return home. Defines the mother: «Mehrdad went three times to the front, when the news of his disappearance, I pray that they will be captured, but after 13 years of a skeleton and several bones of the foot and his boots back to me. Long beforehis body News investigation, one day, a woman ran into the back of me and said don't worry frzandt comes soon.

The story of an incorrect shooting towards a parliamentary speaker/Return to family hug after 13 years

Shoot the beam towards the Parliament!


. His stay was like a naughty kid, but the child's mother, arshedsh, however, loved, if the kids were doing nothing wrong, and together put on punishment was less punishing m was all this for the sake of ethics preserves. However his time was young and naughty. Defines the parent: "once a neighborhood mosque in the ceremony were taken by the officer and m. protect representative was invited to the ceremony of the Chamber. A gun that she be careful. Bored during his ceremony goes head and start playing with the gun, which has a moment to pull the trigger and firing a shot into the side of the altar mehrdad  that the flowers into the water was given to the House and escape was also protective. "

With the assault wanted to return to the front. He was a slave of intelligence fronts, so that even in the era of recovering after the beating was also looking forward to the opportunity to return to the front. Mom says: "his quiver and have had some time in the hospital, and back to the front did however. Nero did not listen to whatever I said guys are mantzerm. It was supposed to stay for two days in Tehran and a few days to see the grandmother in the North. A day that went by was not Roman, said the North would perhaps think that her Grandma money.

About the last odaash with mother m. says: "the last time that was supposed to go to the front told me do not know why my legs be going. And she does the other. After martyrdom Ali Nouri» of his friends came to visit and said my work. I thought you were with Mehrdad? Feeling good? I saw the tears. I was angry that the fans properly figure out what it was his throat way, Pack. We were defined by Mehrdad-con but he was ahead of me who was a martyr. When I went to sleep, and concurrent use of electrical saw to his father and the two pieces have been discovered here, it may happens.

We cannot go. Home wall to wall House upright martyr step anger is far from an alley with three houses, two houses, have presented the martyr of Islam, the mother says, " martyr , who was martyred step much alas, our friends went and said we cannot go, once said, you've got two guys, where can You on?! He said anyone in his place shall serve. "

The story of an incorrect shooting towards a parliamentary speaker/Return to family hug after 13 years

Love Khomeini (RA). The father of a martyr despite being sick is so carefully, so that if the first one is his son's memories of the wife hears talk to listen to, and also a few words at the end of Our words the father speaks, and says: «Mehrdad love Imam Khomeini (RA). The more he listened, said. The kid was very sleight. In the cold and snow of that year in Russia gave guarded the House that came on the ice longer. You said I'm going to be satisfied for the same God, Reza. Millions of years that some human beings are God and to God's work and some servant of the devil. "

He advocates harami mentions that in another country at war with takfiri, and continues: I see that the young of different towns for the war to Syria and Iraq, what says everyone but I believe this is to defend Islam and to Process, to Reza Allah. If you fight for us. "

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