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Palestine Ambassador:
Palestinian ambassador Salah al-Zavavi said that Imam Khomeini, when he was in Najaf, was ordered to pardon the property, khoms and zakat to the Palestinian warriors, and when he victoriously arrived in Iran, he said that today Iran is another Palestinian. The victory of the Islamic Revolution without the liberation of Palestine is incomplete.
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Imam Khomeini (RA) believed that the Islamic Revolution was incomplete without liberating thePalestineDonald Trump last week in remarks about the city revealed once again the feelings of Muslims and the release of the world is hurting the Trump position, has revealed to the news of the Islamic Ummah and is restored to the forefront again after the crisis in the region, the takfiri groups have an opportunity to, in the case of Palestine and the liberation of the sarsm The yen lost sympathy to the Zionist invaders.

The Palestinian Ambassador, Mr. "s.alzavavi " in an interview from the official Palestinian Government positions in relation to the recent remarks by Trump.

This position is in the Crusades continue to Trump. The positions of the Palestinian Government as Ambassador about Trump words?

 The question of the recognition of Al-Quds Sharif as the capital of the Zionist regime, "by Donald Trump," the President, the war and conflict with disconnected affair between the Palestinian and Israeli people not a big enemy. We are in fact, with two great design that the Western world has led it to take before we face. The first plan is the creation of a database of soil of Palestine's is that it is with the and planned out the Jews all over the world to the Palestinian side.

The events of the first world war and after events on someone is not covered. When the generalsafter the First World War was a noble among the historical Quds arrived on the tongue and said: now the Crusades ended.

They all know that Crusader, Palestine had been occupied for a period of 200 years, and then, despite their propensity of those were outside, when the French General "guru" after the victory over the Syrian army at war pilgrimage to the tomb of Septfontaines «», said: You: Saladin, we retreated

So we can say that the war between Palestine and the Zionist regime, with the two planned by the Western world is simultaneously. In the first scheme; the Western world, the representative of the Zionist regime in the region to put the manifest in this way, a researcher in the Islamic world. Other designs that are scattered throughout the Islamic world, appeared to target the Islamic Ummah unity catch. Earlier, the Government of the territory of the Ottoman Empire was vast and wide, many of the regional Governments in the Islamic world have assembled under his Government, although in recent years, particularly its weak Government and end to, but the cursor appear Islamic unity, good to know Whatever the sign of unity of the Islamic Ummah be able as a aims and plans for the Western world, in the conflict. This is because the Western world wants this nation to remain and all the factors of unity it to target.

After the first world war, according to the French-Italian project, "Sykes-Picot, the Islamic and Arabic countries during that time, several countries were split and parse, and then I get a statement," Balfour ", Israel in Palestine and to recognize the truth of this statement, the right of ownership to those entitlements and The merits of this land.

The owners and leaders of the scheme, the biggest goal is to hit the Islamic world authority and Alliance factors, integrated and unified Government (the Ottoman Government) to target and weaken the Islamic communities, with the breakdown of the land, and also with the flaming building disputes in these areas to their objective, namely, war, The killing and the lack of integration between the peoples. The Western world racial issues with Fanning, religious, religious, tribal and family, the Alliance between the Islamic Ummah to the assembled Islamic unity of the people and the land of the Zionist regime to comply with the deal and win.


We alone can deal with Israeli measures do not have the The Palestinian people to confront the Zionist plan what actions have done?. We alone cannot stand against this scheme and the Zionist regime from between us, because this is a wide international projection, which is the sponsor and all the Western world and the United States backing it is located at the head of it, but we can say that the actions of the Palestinian people in this The central role and the fight will be.

We are from the beginning of the twentieth century, successive revolution against the Zionist regime, we've done countless martyrs, dedicated and in the mountains and Plains, towns and villages have been entered the war with Israel. Our lives and our children, and also our fathers and ancestors in the war against the Zionist regime and the revolution of consecutive summaries.

As previously said, analyzing the Islamic countries could not only lead to the isolation of these countries, but also the continuation of life and the life of this poor Islamic countries dependent territories that they had split. The French and the British run the Balfour Declaration and the split in the Islamic countries and by step, officials said, there is no doubt the leaders of these countries of the biggest supporters of the Zionist regime, the process that important task they formed a political-military site under the title Israel was forged, and they were operating that create This regime. "maybe to ask how? The leaders of these countries from sponsors and founders of the policy and planned out Jews from other countries were to Palestine, and with the momentum of the Palestinian revolution and protest the forced immigration of Jews, deal, and these were finally delivered to the Zionist regime in Palestine * .

The occupying regime is now more nuclear warheads is certainly ascheharsed the trappings of power, the Jewish hands alone and made the Western world of financial support, military and nuclear weapons does not hesitate to telavive although they admit their support on the international arena in the ABA.

Although the Islamic Republic of Iran has peaceful nuclear activities is the Western world your sword against the nation of Iran and pulled out while based to build a nuclear bomb, a defendant who denies the existence of the Zionist regime are 400 nuclear bomb.

He said the Islamic revolution, Imam Khomeini no Palestine Liberation is incomplete.

The duty of the Islamic Republic of supporting the Islamic nation in the liable for what you know?

 The greatness of the Islamic revolution in this question lies the Imam Khomeini (RA), in the absence of extensive land and would make a powerful converter to the Islamic Government of Iran's army, which at the time, "Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the 5th Army of the great world. He is, all the world's equations, the interaction of the West. Imam Khomeini (RA), once in Najaf attended forgiveness command property, the khums and Zakat to the Palestinian warriors, and when he, triumphantly entered Iran Iran, today commented on the other were the Palestinian and Islamic revolution is incomplete without the liberation of Palestine.

You should know why Imam Khomeini (RA) the international day of the month of Ramadan last week revealed announced? The big guy with his penetrating insight into the problem of the Mystic Al-Quds and Palestine are look and surely knew that in those days, few Jewish settlements in Palestine have, one day situation will change, and as we know now, more than Jewish settlements totaling 160-200 million From the settlements in the occupied territories.

Sometimes occupying regime with an excuse of the lack of having a license to build, demolish Palestinian homes, and sometimes with an excuse to oppose the rules, they will have to leave the quads. According to the rules of the occupying regime imposed when a Palestinian girl from the West Bank, with Al-Quds Sharif marriage does she not revealed to the other citizens of the process and sometimes also with the pretext of baseless accusations lack having a residence card, proceeded to expel the Muslims Quds occupying regime, in fact several methods Decrease the number of Palestinians at Al-Quds Sharif.

Muslims, the main diagnosis not wrong/Israeli Zionists seeking world-wide are Islam.

Extreme Zionists for the world of Islam and the spread of Zionism in the area what designs in the head? It is true that we had today we have resistance in Palestine and certainly we will continue to track "but here you must point out two hostile Israeli scheme against Palestine and the Islamic world.

The first plan, the same broad Israeli plot and great that extreme party, "Likud" in the center of it and looking to create a broad Israeli in the Islamic world. This is the map in my hand is the same map (aleshr ogura) that Israel's new borders, an important Strait and the seas it clearly mapped. The name of this map are derived from the name of one of the regime's money units.

The blue map from which the name ' what does it mean? The leaders of the Likud party, and radical Israeli groups that span the boundaries of this regime are looking at trying to have parts of the Sinai Peninsula, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon across countries, half from Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and even three quarters of the Medina to join their borders words, it's the same Likud party planning And the leaders of the hard-line regime.

The second plan, the same "Shimon Peres" and his fans that "Dove faction of the Zionist regime" and "massive and powerful to discriminate against Israel in the region. People this plan calls for the progress and development of the regions dominated by the regime. This collection of individuals and groups seeking to establish rail and connect the last point of the Arab Maghreb to Jordan, as well as the construction of an industrial zone, the Institute and all of their agents, minor improvements of the program. They want Israel to become the region's superior strength in science, technology and progress, are (with the help of science and knowledge of the Western world have learnt), and say the Islamic Territories residents in a State of underdevelopment, we keep to the working people of these communities and our wisdom, and our political The mastermind of the region.

Such as Imam of the historical neglect that he said, "Israel is a cancerous gland and must be wiped out.".

Currently we have a large and important issues in the region, we are facing a war across the borders of the Islamic communities in other advertisements adapted by international and regional enemy Iran's Islamic communities is introduced. We have only one enemy, the Zionist regime and its supporters, the Islamic Republic of Iran of ours and a huge and powerful force to destroy the Zionist regime poses. The occupying regime plan soon will be lost to the permission of Allah. We need a little time only.


Never shall we forget that such historical Imam commented: "Israel is a cancerous gland and must be wiped out this sentence should become reality.

Jews who build up over the base's in the territory of Palestine, as a normal citizen like us Muslim Palestinians living in Israel had stopped after giving programs are, I have to say that our enmity between Jews and Christians, we are all one nation. Jewish settlers began when the disaster during the European Jews arrived in Palestine territory.

Here's an important question, this should be noted, that our duty of Jihad in the Islamic world have shut down and until the liberation of Palestine, the duty to bazangardd communities will no doubt be postponed.


Muslims to change the date I invite I use this its position in the Embassy-Embassy of the Zionist enemy, and it was the day that today become the Palestinian Embassy and Iran to Palestinian Mujahedeen such let me put the position of the Israeli Ambassador in the data, which also allowed the correct date-say Happy with this, "the Islamic revolution led by the Supreme Leader and God willing, a way to end the clerics and scholars of conflict and war between the Islamic Ummah will find, because this is a war of racial, ethnic, tribal, religious, Shiite and Sunni, and just happy of the Zionist regime, we have Sunnis and Shia over (1300) Year that are based on the religions and of course a person who is not in his heart, no love slah Beit between him and the religion of Islam. The fifth Shi'a Islam.

Muslims to change the date and I invite you to say chshmant on the facts of the history of the open, their arms know that Islamic societies have targeted the Zionist regime, and the regime and its war plan against the Muslim world must end. Unfortunately Israel to the United Nations treaties and the decisions of the other institutions and does not practice the equation has changed, and Palestine is still occupied the remainder and the enemy dare finds with the help of its capital Al-Quds Sharif to Trump.

This plan, "the U.S. President Harry s. Truman" in time (1347) start and year (1349) the Zionist regime as the Government of Israel in the Palestinian territory to recognize and today we also witnessed the Trump plan practical and international Zionism will run that can be said this would One of the most important factors in his win on "Mrs. Hillary Clinton, candidate Democrats election was dermbarzat, because Mrs Clinton terms of implementing such a decision, the goal with this Trump came to work and saw that in recent days the permanent capital of the Zionist regime, the Al-Quds Sharif announced.


Does not trump the right to intervene in matters relating to Palestine.

Boldly declare that the Zionist project will fail and does not have the right to Trump conviction in matters relating to Palestine and Israel from the capital intervene tel aviv to Al-Quds Sharif. I'm optimistic I can look at the recent Trump action because it can open the eyes of the Muslims on the facts and the people and the leaders of Palestine and the Islamic world and unite all who believe in freedom, freedom of in the integrated queues. There is no doubt that this is a fake Government, Israel say it will not be a future. As we know, there are Jewish organizations that Israel did not recognize.

Must be all the Islamic countries unite together and forget their differences, because surely this war are in line with the goals of the Zionist regime. A comprehensive war against the regime dummy should be initiated and also to eradicate it.

A source of honor and pride that in Palestine there is a family that is in the direction of the fight against the Zionist regime, the war will not be injured or martyrs, the people of this land has always been in the path of martyrdom and Jihad goes back step by step. I am here to make the Islamic societies, the unity and integrity of the invitation and I say if your arms the Zionist regime does not target, strong columns and base tmdentan. we have to start again, we move a comprehensive intifada and the Palestinian intifada should be and all Islamic communities And freedom in their gathering, to relax from the fake Zionist regime.

Here I must point out and say Jews in the occupied territories, in the form of a continuous and daily are leaving these regions are, and even Jews who inhabit the Zionist settlements are just stay there the night and days to escape because they know they are not land here And this is not their country.

The action is an important warning to Muslims around the world Trump of Islam is to reason and see your ideas, and we remember this action, in line with the realization of a plan is a great plan, but not in Palestine, small words of Donald Trump last week about the city revealed once again the feelings of Muslims and the release of the world's medicinal The Trump position has significant, revealed to the news of the Islamic Ummah and is restored to the forefront again after the crisis in the region, the takfifri  groups have an opportunity to, in the case of Palestine and the liberation of the land of the Zionist occupiers ' hands to sympathy.

The site also plans to "tomorrow" in the file antqazh to the Palestinians for the liberation of Palestine and Al-Quds city pay; after the dialogue with the representative of the Islamic Jihad, the Palestinian "Ambassador of service, Mr. s. alzavavi» we got up from the official Palestinian Government positions in relation to the recent remarks by Trump informed.


All Muslims should unite with each other and their protests and demonstrations around the world start Jerusalem and the land of your parents and the prophets. All Muslims should unite with each other and their protests and demonstrations around the world beginning, issued statements and whatever means to protest the regime is doing, with companies and sponsors of this regime and the American ambassadors to disconnect from the external trust, you have all the features ability  and even learn to work in the United States and the American people as well as of the Group at the White House with the goal of publishing global Masonic and the Zionist regime, the Government.

If anyone has the responsibility of Arab nationalism sentiment certainly mehmsh the liberation of Palestine, because Palestine is part of the Arab homeland, and if someone says mslmanam knows that this land, the land of the testimony, and if the man we are Freemen and the oppression of the opposition, it is obligatory to rescue the Palestinian steps.

Islamic societies should be their responsibility towards Palestine well understand and with the unity and integrity of the fighting with Israel, and vigilant in the detection of the main disease going wrong and to know if their guns are not a sign of the Zionist regime on the wrong path, and walking away is tragic if war They are in order to the liberation of Palestine is doomed to failure. We all read the book of Allah and the Sunnah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Prophet's companions and the Jihad, we have to study history, so expect this Holy patterns for your miniature.

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