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Martyr Sa'idi, in his will, said: "We are fighting to announce Islam to the world and raise the flag as a sign of the Kremlin's palace and the execution of Islam in the whole world, and to fight the world as being Islamic and Shiite."
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testament of Martyr Hassan Saidi / We are fighting to raise the flag of IslamAccording to the reporter of Sajed: Five January 1957 at the vineyard of eyes. He started with the imposed war against Iran was revoked and the right front of 31st January 1360 at the light to achieve a sublime testimony of karkhe.

The text of this letter that made the martyr is a souvenir to visited, read:

"Today, over several schools with specific titles in human societies has come into existence, which aims to save the mankind from the oppression and create a healthy society of inequality.

But some of these schools that speak of Utopia and Green Garden Show, later it turned out that instead of reaching to utopia to engelab, such as Aristotle's thoughts were that human society into the body of a live animal in it had likened the brain always command and the feet and hands were working the same as slavery society.

The theory of Aristotle and Plato, was ruling on people for years, what cruelty to slaves are. The theory of Aristotle at the time was just a theory for intellectuals because its horrible consequences, i.e. not slavery had never seen and when I saw, concluded that the theory of Aristotle not only the community of destitution, but does not save the more adversity. Philosophers who were in Europe, began to create a new insight on how to how to eliminate oppression and a society in which prostitution, hunger and misery is not news and humans to live in peace and harmony were planning base.

Today, with several types of it are familiar; it's like Existentialism, communism, Nazism, fascism, nationalism and.

Of course, everyone is a fan of knots; though the rest of the school of human and anti-human enemy.

For example, communism, fascism's human enemy knows, but there are people who have this open fascism develops up; like Mussolini and Hitler that the rescue of the man in the murder of people with capital and thought it knew, are opposed.

Today there are correspondent  not to the degree that the advertiser and other combat exclusion and there will be no difference, and not hope.

Like Lenin, Marx and Soviet Marxism, which said there is no other Government in the Communist society, while in the Soviet Union and have this is imperialism and we also can't afford the Government dissolved and just say; but if someday the country with the character of capitalism does not exist, it The Socialist Government of the time shouldn't be there, or Chinese Communist the enemy like the Soviet Union and the United States of America and سوسیالیسمی with its Imperial character likes; because the enemy, the Soviet Union and still have not come to the end of the first Soviet destruction; and the second was the destruction of the United States and later the establishment of the Cup Ah right and perhaps even communist.

And, but it must be said about the religion of Islam: Islam over 1300 years of what?

But in a few years the number of finger volume Caliphate the Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Ali (PBUH) said: during this time, Islam did not run. If Islam is run, the other conflicts between rich and poor and black and white there will be no.

In the Prophet (PBUH) and Ali (PBUH), hairdresser, and Bilal, all comments were one of the Prophet? But after the fall of the Government of Ali (PBUH) has today, in the name of Islam that no Government has come, like that of Shah Abbas Safavid sample was worth it and the true slavery and buying and selling was common, and Ghulam is today, says Imam Khomeini : We want to establish an Islamic State, and all the provisions of the laws in Islam we run and run to the other one, if it is not an Islamic State and I can say with all the principles of the religion and the existence of all aspects of religion and all the fine and coarse rules of Islam, and I accept I love that all of its laws will run all over the world and for the first time and the last time, for example, is explain to the world that this is not Islam.

We introduce Islam to the world and because of the raised flag on top of the Kremlin to incorporate and implement Islam all over the world and to the Islamic world and Shia Jafari, fight, that if we killed time, in this way, and we don't have any other purpose purpose And God's religion and Islam purely for the sake of.

And, but for about 7 dollars ago my mother money that 2 thousand Toman for it my mom buy white gold necklaces and 5 dollars a person to take the rest of the poorest neighborhood kill ourselves or go to war.

I love my new shdenm, killed after the middle of the desert and stay under the hot sun and Khuzestan with the same military clothes and boots and guns get rotten, so unless the God of my sins.

Of my parents and brother and family and friends would like if they never cry for killed, and who will cry for me I don't like him. "

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