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Cultural NATO is on the way to the end

The nationwide uprising of pro-Palestinian students in American universities, in addition to exposing the insincerity and hypocrisy of the leaders of this country for free speech, has put the cultural NATO of the Americans, which they were advancing alongside the military NATO, on the way to the end.
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Publish Date: 15May 2024 - 08:11

Cultural NATO is on the way to the endTEHRAN (defapress) - Anti-Zionist students in American universities and its expansion in Western universities, moreover exposing the insincerity and hypocrisy of the leaders of this country for free speech, has put the cultural NATO of the Americans, which they were advancing alongside the military NATO, on the way to the end.

To make this issue clear, we will discuss an old project that was proposed by the Americans after World War II. In July 1947, the Chief of Staff of the United States Army in World War II and the Secretary of State of Harry Truman, George Marshall, proposed a project called the "Marshall Plan" that this plan aims to deal with the crisis left by the Second World War to improve the economic and social conditions of Europe.

Although during the implementation of this plan, financial and economic aid from the United States flowed to the governments in need, it was a step towards the exploitation of the countries and the subjugation of the governments through the creation of economic and then political dependencies. 

George Marshall claimed that if the European countries started to create an economic reconstruction program, the United States would provide them with financial assistance in line with the implementation of this program. These words, which were presenting the economic views of the American government towards the European continent, were welcomed by war-torn and damaged European governments; but no one was aware of its consequences.

But why did George Marshall start this plan at Harvard University? This issue needs to be considered. "Frances Stonor Saunders" answered this question in the "Cultural Cold War" book. She said: "Certainly, it was no coincidence that George Marshall started this historic mission from Harvard University. This symbolic action shows that Americans attach great importance to universities and believe that universities are part of the arsenal that America is working on to strengthen its global hegemony project."

 That’s the reason that the ruling elites in Washington are very worried about any movement outside the usual rule in universities; therefore, the nationwide uprising of anti-Zionist students in American universities is also defined in the same direction as uprisings that seriously threaten Washington's historic investment.

The fact that American students in the universities of this country bravely chant mottos to support Palestine and fearlessly condemn the crimes of the Zionist regime in Gaza, in addition to creating a kind of sense of danger for Americans, who are in the way of advancing their designed strategies at the world level, after the "Al-Aqsa Storm" operation, a strong blow to the efforts of the Americans and the Westerners which tried to detest the Islamic resistance, especially the Hamas movement, in the eyes of the public, but in fact, it is the Zionist regime that is becoming more hated day by day in the eyes of the world.

But why are the Americans afraid of the spread of student demonstrations and desperately seeking to control these movements? Indeed, one of the important aspects of the demonstrations in support of the Palestinian nation in universities is the participation of Americans and even Jews, but according to the ruling elite in Washington, breaking the barrier of fear among non-American students is not a small risk.

The reason is that the American plan that we mentioned before is not only for American and European students, but the administrators of this plan, also attach great importance to non-American students; because they consider them as the main partners of Americans in strengthening their values and serving their policies, and they believe that these same students will assume key positions in their countries in the future. The American goal of this plan is to create a "Cultural NATO" parallel to the "Military NATO".

But these days, we see that students in American universities have messed up the rules of the American game and are acting against their wishes; Because according to Americans' belief, the game is a set of unwritten rules that must be followed in universities so that students or professors can achieve their goals, and there are heavy punishments for ignoring these rules; therefore, it seems that the students who are rising for Palestine these days in American and Western universities are participating in ending this game by uprising against the rules, its creators and administrators. So the reason why American leaders are resorting to firing real bullets at anti-Zionist students is clear, and the level of danger that American decision-makers in universities feel is understandable.

So we conclude that the peaceful demonstrations of pro-Palestinian students that are spreading in the most prominent American universities can effectively help to find an alternative path to what has been dominated by American leaders over other universities since the summer of 1947 at Harvard University and hinder American efforts to generalize the "Boys of Chicago" experience around the world, And most importantly, these gatherings, which are a kind of breaking the taboo, can expose the hypocrisy and deception of the United States of America more in the world and help to defeat their cultural NATO that they are promoting alongside the military NATO.

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